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Manuela Southey

If you're interested in literacy support for your child or coaching support for parents dealing with children who may be struggling at school, please reach out to me.

I provide literacy support, specialist education (early literacy) and 1 on 1 tutoring for students.  I can also provide coaching for education professionals and businesses seeking consulting support in the area for early literacy and dyslexia.

My Story

I am an experienced teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the primary education industry. Skilled in P-6 Education, Elementary Education, Special Education (Dyslexia), Literacy and Classroom Management. Strong professional with an additional qualification in Multisensory Structured Language Instruction from the Institute for Multisensory Language Education. I have also completed a professional certificate in Educational Neuroscience.  I enjoy helping other teachers feel empowered by their understanding of reading acquisition and how best to teach literacy.  I'm fascinated fascinated by psychology and neuroscience which improves my understanding of behaviour and how to get the best out of children and educators.


I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities

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